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Vision Mill, the 3d visualization firm is a team of architects, interior designers and 3d visualizers with more than a decade of professional experience. The essential goal of Vision Mill is to translate clients architectural design concepts into the universally-understood language of artistic imagery. We work with Architects, construction companies, engineers, real estate developers, and investors. Our pricing matrix permits flexibility dependent on complexity, dimensions, schedule and budget to match any client’s requirements. We would be really glad to have an opportunity to collaborate in your present or future projects.

Vision Mill是一家三维可视化公司,由建筑师,室内设计师和三维可视化工作者组成,拥有十多年的专业经验。 Vision Mill的基本目标是将客户的建筑设计概念转化为普遍理解的艺术形象语言。 我们与建筑师,建筑公司,工程师,房地产开发商和投资者合作。 我们的定价矩阵允许灵活性取决于复杂性,维度,进度和预算,以满足任何客户的要求。 我们很高兴有机会在您现在或将来的项目中进行合作。

Our Visualization Experties

We utilize cutting edge technology to bring complex designs to life through 3D imagery. Our team of 3D illustrators is dedicated to creating the highest quality images. The combination of years of experience, ample computing power, and the latest technologies in hardware and software make this all possible.

我们利用尖端技术,通过3D图像将复杂的设计变为现实。 我们的3D插图师团队致力于打造最高品质的图像。 多年的经验,充足的计算能力以及硬件和软件的最新技术相结合,使这一切成为可能。

When it comes to architecture, nothing communicates the details of a project like 3D architectural animation. With 3D animations, designs are brought to life even before the inception of the idea and it gives the involved parties an opportunity to further appreciate the vision for the project.

在架构方面,没有什么可以传达3D建筑动画等项目的细节。 借助3D动画,即使在创意开始之前,设计也会变得生动,并使相关各方有机会进一步了解项目的愿景。

Vision Mill is a long established model making company with a reputation for high quality and excellent service. We specialize in architectural models, but we also create industrial models, exhibition models, display models, fiberglass models, and topographical models. We even offer a laser cutting and laser engraving service.

Vision Mill是一家历史悠久的模型制造公司,以高品质和优质服务而闻名。 我们专注于建筑模型,但我们也创建工业模型,展览模型,展示模型,玻璃纤维模型和地形模型。 我们甚至提供激光切割和激光雕刻服务。

A 3D floorplan is a virtual model of a building floor plan, depicted from a bird’s eye view, utilized within the building industry to better convey architectural plans. Showing all the interiors without ceilings, of course, furniture may be added to assist in communicating proper home staging and interior design.

3D平面布置图是建筑平面图的虚拟模型,从鸟瞰图描绘,在建筑行业内用于更好地传达建筑平面图。 当然,展示所有没有天花板的内饰,可以添加家具以协助沟通适当的家庭舞台和室内设计。

If still, images are glimpses, then movies are deep gazes into the future. A different visual language with its own perspectives to express architectural design. All in our services, we use the power of genuine storytelling and in architectural movies, it’s definitely prominent.

如果仍然,图像是一瞥,那么电影是深入凝视未来。 一种不同的视觉语言,有自己的视角来表达建筑设计。 在我们的服务中,我们使用真正讲故事的力量和建筑电影,它绝对是突出的。

With the use of 360 panorama views services, you can effortlessly set up both the interior and exterior elements for a virtual view. You can pan, rotate and even zoom in the entire view according to your vision. At Vision Mill, we have the experience to create an immersive walking experience which impresses your clients to consider your offer.

通过使用360全景视图服务,您可以毫不费力地为虚拟视图设置内部和外部元素。 您可以根据自己的视觉平移,旋转甚至放大整个视图。 在Vision Mill,我们拥有创造身临其境的步行体验的经验,让您的客户考虑您的优惠。

A real estate developer needs to sell a certain percentage of the real estate project before construction begins. This sale funds the start of the construction. A general real estate brochure will include a floor plan and architectural sketches of the project as a whole. Visuals are an essential part of any marketing brochure.

房地产开发商需要在施工开始前出售一定比例的房地产项目。 这笔交易为建设的开始提供资金。 一般房地产宣传册将包括整个项目的平面图和建筑草图。 视觉效果是任何营销手册的重要组成部分。

With the real estate market showing signs of a revival, this is the right time for you to capture the attention of your customers through a well-planned, interactive web presence. At Vision Mill, we can be your right partner in developing a website or web portal that is creative, feature-rich and scalable.

随着房地产市场呈现出复苏的迹象,现在正是通过精心规划的互动网络形象吸引客户注意力的最佳时机。 在Vision Mill,我们可以成为您合作伙伴,开发具有创意,功能丰富且可扩展的网站或门户网站。




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