Exhibition booth design is something we are really involved in recent years, it’s indeed very important to us and there’s the obvious impact of the design itself, how it attracts people in a crowded exhibition hall. Then there is the experience design where users recognize what it feels like to visit, what visitors learn and what they take away with them.

展台设计是我们近年来真正参与的事情,它对我们来说确实非常重要,设计本身也有明显的影响,它如何在拥挤的展厅吸引人们。 然后是体验设计,用户可以识别访问的感觉,访问者学习的内容以及他们带走的内容。

The exhibition booths have to look great, it has to have a purpose and offer value. Above all, it has to work seamlessly.

展位必须看起来很棒,它必须具有目的和价值。 最重要的是,它必须无缝地工作。