A little bit about us



We work under one rule: always learn something new and do what we really love. Passion for create and help to build new ways to communicate is what moves us to work every day. We think that new technologies combined with strong basic skills are the key to fulfill every challenge we face nowadays.

To create the best images we simply let the client and the project speak for themselves, the magic of a story is already present, we only push it forward through light, colors, shapes, balance, and a particular touch.

我们在一条规则下工作:始终学习新事物并做我们真正喜欢的事情。 创造和帮助建立新的沟通方式的热情是我们每天工作的动力。 我们认为新技术与强大的基本技能相结合是实现我们当前面临的每一项挑战的关键。


Our Work Scope



In our vast professional experience we have faced with many different styles and solution able projects, which broader our expertise and to let us work more confidentially. We deliver the best Architectural Models in the construction market and best visual presentations to our clients.

凭借我们丰富的专业经验,我们面对许多不同风格和解决方案的项目,这拓宽了我们的专业知识,让我们更加保密地工作。 我们为建筑市场提供最好的建筑模型,并为客户提供最佳的视觉展示。

We don’t compromise in quality, we do our best to tell the story with experience and amazingly point of view. All these years we had achieved bigger milestone together as a team. We mastered ourselves providing our range of pro services with visualization solutions of beautiful story telling still images and animated architectural films.

我们不会在质量上妥协,我们尽力用经验和令人惊讶的观点来讲述故事。 这些年来,我们作为一个团队共同实现了一个更大的里程碑。 我们掌握了自己的专业服务,提供美丽的故事静态图像和动画建筑电影的可视化解决方案。

Team Experience


We are in Architectural 3d Visualization industry since 2010 and in Architectural Model Making since 1985. We are based in Shanghai, China and we work locally and globally with our International Clients.


We have a passion for creating high-quality stunning images from architectural design concept. to be a captivating image, high value, and had a unique taste to our audience imagination. Our team is also very experienced and passionate doing Architectural Models. It helps us to craft and understand the architectural services at its best valuation.

我们热衷于从建筑设计理念中创造出高品质的精美图像。 成为一个迷人的形象,高价值,并具有我们的观众想象力的独特品味。 我们的团队也非常有经验,热衷于建筑模型。 它有助于我们以最佳估值制定和理解建筑服务。

We always look forward to collaborating in new exciting projects, one which will make the high-quality best use of our existing creative skills and experience and also further our personal and professional development. If you think we have what it takes to deliver an awesome project or even for collaboration please send us an email and we’ll get back to you soon.

我们一直期待在新的激动人心的项目中进行合作,这些项目将高质量地利用我们现有的创造性技能和经验,并进一步促进我们的个人和专业发展。 如果您认为我们拥有完成一个令人敬畏的项目甚至协作所需的一切,请发送电子邮件给我们,我们会尽快给您回复。

Let’s Make Something Awesome